“We was all split up at Barnardo’s. They said we was orphans, but it weren’t true. We ‘ad a mother.”


About Carol

Carol Marie Newall is a mother of three and grandmother of four who lives in the Muskoka Lakes district north of Toronto with her husband and granddaughter. When taking a break from writing, she enjoys reading and writing Instagram book reviews, decorating, gathering with friends and family, and hiking the nearby trails with her standard poodle, Luc. She graduated from the Toronto Metropolitan University School of Business in 1967. This is her first book.

About Outside the Gate

Between 1869 and 1948, Britain sent more than 100,000 'home children' to Canada to work as indentured farmers and domestics. One of them, fifteen year old, Winnie Cooper, arrived at an isolated farm in rural Ontario in the summer of 1911. This is the story of a witty and cheerful girl confronted with loneliness, hard work and bitterly cold Canadian winters. And it's a saga of her granddaughter's ten year quest to uncover the mystery of Winnie's remarkable life.

Behind the Scenes

The British Child Migration, a social program conceived to deal with over population during the nineteenth century, rid Britain of thousands of poor children by sending them off to the colonies. Barnardo’s was the largest of several different organizations involved.

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